The religious right is a strange beast, with strange internal contradictions mirroring the greater alt-right that it’s beginning to be subsumed into. Broadly, we can consider Trump supporters to be a diverse and internally schismatic temporary coalition of authoritarian-leaning pro-corporate nationalists, who agree on very little else. (After all, this group includes the religious right — who combine a shallow reading of already-shallow objectivism with the prosperity gospel and consider success in business to be equivalent of the mandate of heaven — and techno-libertarians — who consider business acumen to be an unbiased representation of general skill and promote it as a welcome break from all that religious crap — and neoreactionaries — who would like to import the authoritarian hierarchy of an idealized corporate structure into government — and accelerationists — who want to be as capitalist as possible so that they can bring about a marxist utopia by using up all the capitalism. None of these groups quite fit properly with normal white nationalism, nor with any of the various flavours of fascism going around, nor with the military-industrial complex, although all these groups are scratching each other’s backs for now.)

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Resident hypertext crank. Author of Big and Small Computing: Trajectories for the Future of Software.

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