In case anybody is wondering what ‘Double Mojo’ (the name I released MfoM under) means, it’s from Save the Cat, & is also called ‘black vet’. Most movies have a hook based on a juxtaposition of two elements. Double Mojo is when you juxtapose with another juxtaposition.

Movies (and games, and books, etc.) that exhibit double mojo tend to be hard to market because the number of components makes them hard for potential audiences to imagine, but by the same token they are basically more interesting.

For instance, Evilspeak can Most Unexceptional be summarized as ‘The Exorcist meets Carrie meets Wargames at a military academy, with ghost pirates’. Try to imagine that movie & decide if you want to see it. Then watch it. It’s different & more interesting than you expected, if not better.

Pulp media often has double mojo, because aggressive genrebending is an easy way to create interest out of components. An Alien ripoff is predictable, but if you rip of Alien *and* Rosemary’s Baby *and* Planet of the Apes simultaneously, that’s not.

Double mojo is the difference between a boring failure & a glorious clusterfuck. And, since failure is nigh-inevitable, we might as well create *interesting* failures.

So, that’s basically my thesis statement for games released under that name: I can’t guarantee quality or anything, but I will try to stuff as much in as possible. I want to be the one-man Cannon Films of VNs.

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Resident hypertext crank. Author of Big and Small Computing: Trajectories for the Future of Software.

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