GPT-2 answers Thanksgiving questions

Lifehacker recommended some lists of questions to ask older people at Thanksgiving. I asked GPT-2 instead. The results are rambling, self-contradictory, obliquely disturbing, and vaguely racist — just like what you’d get if you asked your actual grandparents these questions!

Did you go to college?

Yes, I went to Eastern Michigan University, where I graduated with a degree in aerospace engineering in 2009. I work for Raytheon as an R&D engineer.

How did you decide to become a father?

My girlfriend at the time asked me if I wanted to be a father, so I was more than ready. We were expecting to be a family for about three years before we had a boy, but something ended up coming along, and I became a father in a very short amount of time.

What did you study?

In the visual arts, I graduated from the School of Visual Arts, a conservatory in the City University of New York, which I then attended for six years as a graduate student before completing a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Printmaking and Drawing with an emphasis in American contemporary art at the College of Charleston, where I was taught by renowned Art Directors Barbara Betcher and Larry Evans. I also studied at the School of Architecture, which in part led me to attend the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in 2005.

Do you wish you had the opportunity to go to college? Do you wish your parents had spent more time working to provide for your family? You could say “yes” to almost all of these questions. If you say “no” to all of them, you’re fine. Are you an anal child? Are you allergic to your first colonoscopy? Nah, nah. Most of us are alright with these types of things. As of 2016, 16 million Americans, or one in four people over the age of 16, have pre-diabetes.

What did you do instead of college?

Up until 2001, I did a bit of teaching. I read a lot of medieval literature, which was very interesting. My husband was a judge and a judge with a small law firm in Toronto. Our sons were young and didn’t have the capacity to do something like that, but they were in their 20s, and we encouraged them to think outside the box. We used to go to U of T where we were in the law school.

Like most who started a family, I was very much in the entertainment business.

Did you have any pets growing up?

I had three cats: Chloe and Maisie, my parents’ cats. And then my best friend Tommy.

How do they compare?

Well they are kind of alike. Tommy is a sweetheart and a three-year-old shep. And he is pretty happy being in that cage and not being out here. [Laughs]

The “Love” mural, which was featured in The Last Gasp, got the biggest response of the three; is there a particular song that played in the minds.

What was it like living there?

I remember so many of my friends from St. Pete being in the grade school I lived in. There was a great sense of community. It felt like you lived in a community. And a lot of the other kids, a lot of the kids from my grade school went on to start their own organizations, their own churches and things like that. It felt like you were living in a community that had similar values. So that’s the greatest thing that I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to do and lived.

What was your room like? Were you familiar with Huxley’s Brave New World? Did you ever sneak into the Union’s Dungeon? I didn’t. What was I doing in there? I was hanging out with that guy I talked to last night. So I am a woman. But I’m not like other women, because there is nothing worse in the universe than a woman who is allowed to be equal to a man. I couldn’t possibly take it. What am I? I’m a nobody. I don’t belong anywhere.

What are the most difficult and most rewarding things about growing older?

Hank: For me the difficult and the rewarding, depending on the age, are that the age goes on but your patience continues to grow. As you age there’s a higher tolerance to pain and discomfort, and that’s why it’s a pleasurable thing to age.

William: I don’t think I think about my age at all until it’s in the last decade of my life or two years after it. I’m fairly surprised to find that I’ve done this.

What do you want your children and grandchildren to remember about you?

Love and resilience. At my wit’s end, my world still more and more plunged into the black hole of its own despair.

But what about you? Are you here to tell your tale?

From my most vivid memories to the one I call a daydream

“I had a book with me…”

My entire life I loved books. I was entranced by their beauty and wisdom, their beauty and wisdom in sharing the life and knowledge of the creators of this wonderful art.

What kinds of clothes, hobbies, or slang terms were popular when you were a teenager?

Appropriately enough, a lot of my friends are artists, and there’s a good chance that you’ve made an art piece or done something yourself. My favorite color is usually navy blue, but I also like a lot of colors, and I did make a lot of new friend at PFAFA when I was a kid. My fellow students would go to Juilliard. And I went to the Parthenon.

What was your least favorite thing about school?

The whole experience. I came out of high school with an anxiety disorder. That part of my life was so painful that I wanted to take my own life. It was awful, and nothing ever went back to normal.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into improv?

The best advice I can give for anyone who’s thinking about going into comedy is to keep doing what you love. You are special. You’re not a lesser version of anyone else.

What were your friends in school like?

How did you feel about them when you first met? Did you look down on them for not knowing a few thousand words?

Did you have any problems getting along with them in college?

Did any of them ever come up to you and give you the stink eye?

Were you friends with anyone in college who seems to be at all of your other adult life’s activities?

Has anyone who isn’t on your team come up to you and said “fuck you” to you?

What were your friends like? Were there any notable women who were there?

H: Well, Paul and I had the first three years of being married before we ever had a house and we never did. That was also back when we were kids. The only other girl who was there was my friend Zoe and her father Bob.

B: Zoe and I were having a pretty rough life in that relationship. But her father was a major proponent of us starting a family. He was really a big support for us starting a family and he tried to talk us out of it.

Who was your favorite teacher?

Everyone I had in school was very nice, very wonderful. Everyone I’ve worked with in the past 15 years in comics has been incredibly respectful and kind. So it’s always been good to me.

You’re very heavily involved with indie comics; how did you find your way into that world?

I was introduced to indie comics by my older brother. He owned his own bookstore, and for some reason he was telling me, “Just check out this book by Jughead Jones!” And I finally just went see it. It turned.

What was your favorite subject?

NARRATOR: So far, nothing has been able to explain how space can be empty.

ALBERT TEMPLETON (Southern Illinois University): The total vacuum may not appear empty at all. There are important energies associated with space and time that make it possible for stars to shine.

NARRATOR: The latest theory: To explain the cosmic void, we can use gravity to lift the vacuum and bring in matter and energy. But to get the gravity to last, space needs to have a tiny bit of mass.

What was your first job?

Hi there, my first job was on the wheel of an eighteen wheeler on the Pacific Coast Highway at Makaha, Hawaii. We drove up the Salton Sea, which is a salt lake which fed the city of Salton Sea. The showroom was located down in the dust in the back, and there was a state of the art filming set up there.

What led to you pursuing this job at “Growing Pains”?

David Foster said, “if you want to be an actor, you’ve got to be an actor.”

What was your favorite job?

I went from working at a school for the blind to working in Prenatal Care at Planned Parenthood. I loved all of it. It wasn’t until I had my daughters that I really felt the need to do something different. I loved seeing that first infant and seeing them grow up.

How do you view the issue of women and men in the work force?

I think it’s important for people to realize that I wasn’t so good in school at reading and writing. I was great at math, but I failed chemistry.

What is your favorite book?

My favorite book is the late Ray Bradbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451, but it is the story, just as much as the series, of a young woman named Vivian Gornick, who goes on to create a critical and even revolutionary piece of literature.

Your process is a balancing act. You start in the middle and work your way out.

Do you think you could quit now, at 30?

Probably not.

Do you know someone like that?

No, but it is a great question.

Why is it your favorite book? What makes you just plain crazy about it?

Steve: I love the characters in it. How did they go through the experience of deciding whether or not to leave their host? I want to know how they all got through that crisis.

Rj: The third I want to know is why did two (or more?) people want to get back to Earth?

Steve: Where did they start the trip?

Rj: That’s the part of the book that got me.

What is your favorite movie?

Dudley. Because he’s such a little guy. So very trusting. I’m in the movies a lot, so I’m just really looking forward to seeing what he does with this.

When are you and the others shooting?

Well, in the beginning of January, so January 16th, 17th, 18th, and then it will ramp up for the whole year. And I hope they’re well taken care of, otherwise I would never get here.

Why are the movies?

I had been looking.

What is it your favorite movie?

*For honorable mention…

  • My personal favorite is Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (The Star Wars) because it had such a lovable cast and it was underrated, and I love (Ren and Stimpy’s) Ren and Stimpy, and I love 90’s Ninja Turtles which is a comedy.

What was your favorite book when you were young? What do you read now?

Book: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

Favorite quote: “What we read, we pass on, not to be forgotten.”

What was your favorite movie when you were young?

Probably the Billy Wilder script “Jazz” (1960). I loved the conceit that a living, breathing, functioning rock star and poet is suddenly in New York City and has no idea how to navigate the land of big-city women and society’s conventions. He’s alone in the big city, without a date, without a sense of belonging. He moves into the big apartment at the Four Seasons and rents it for two years in the hope that he’ll be able to take the band to Europe.

Who were your heroes or role models when you were young?

My hero growing up was Bruce Lee. I’d be doing all the stuff he did and I couldn’t do it at all because it wasn’t a martial art I knew, but I tried and I didn’t like what I did. I was like, I wanna be him. But I couldn’t do it. But that to me is the ultimate. I’m not saying anybody can do what he did. I’m saying that there are people in that world that can and there are people that can’t.

What do you remember about your parents? What do they do for a living?

Let’s start with John. I knew him as kind of a house preacher but, uh… I’d say we were pretty close. Not close enough for his wife to divorce him, I hope.

We talked about his family so often. Well, like I said, it was Christmas morning, and he was making all of these wonderful mittens… We talked about his dad for weeks and weeks. And I remember every morning having to hear about his grandmother and his mother and his sister.

How many brothers and sisters do you have?

I think that the researchers at Landmark Legal Foundation in Tucson, Ariz., know exactly who the illegal aliens are. They may know which states they’re residing in, but the number that is written on their face does not stand up to scrutiny, especially when the federal government provided details of the illegal aliens to local law enforcement.

The federal government says that the Central American children are included in the count of unaccompanied children because they are arriving with family. Illegal aliens who enter the United States with legal families, however, are not.

How did you meet your spouse?

A: I met my spouse in college in Indiana and she introduced me to her parents and then we married in 1995.

Q: How long did you have her?

A: Five years

Q: Where did you meet her?

A: I met her at the University of Maryland (Md.)

Q: What do you like to do for fun?

A: We love to travel. We have been on 30 trips since we were married. We have also done various activities together like hiking, camping.

How old were you when you met?

Heir of the Throne: I met him on my first meeting with him. In ten years.

Who was it?

Heir of the Throne: Michael Gilmore. He became her adjutant while I was in training.

Yeah, how old were you then?

Heir of the Throne: My lord, I was sixteen.

I don’t mean to, but this would obviously be the first time you have met in person, I presume.

How old were you when you got engaged? [14:22:15] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <_Aeon> i think 10 [14:22:32] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <Gryff5> better make sure that girl is just straight or gay [14:22:43] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <Tommy the Cat> in that case [14:22:44] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <Gryff5> i love that pvp religion

How old were you when you got married?


Let me explain what this first part means. Sometimes people get married young and they have to think about it. They get married young because they are in college, have a few years before they have to graduate, they want to get a job, they don’t want to tie the knot yet, they are too old, they have no children, they are young and it doesn’t make any sense. It’s not a good idea. The reason why people get married so young is because they are just way out of shape.

What was your wedding like?

I absolutely loved my wedding. It was an emotional roller coaster. Some of the wishes I had were turned down. However, a lot of the ones I asked about I got.

What did you do to prepare for the wedding?

I went on YouTube to research the venues, have a plan in mind for the reception, and chosen all the shoes I was going to wear for the dance. There were a lot of hours in the making of this wedding. This was my second wedding as a bride and a bridesmaid.

What big world events were the most memorable while you were growing up?

My favorite was the arrival of the Space Shuttle on July 21, 1981. That just shook us up. We were then watching the movie “Spies Like Us” with my parents. The experience of seeing a real rocket launch meant something to us in an instant.

How was your family?

My dad was a WWII veteran. My mom was a nurse for the State of Iowa. My brother, Christopher, now 22, and I were both born in California.

My brothers liked being here.

What did you want to be when you grew up? What are your hopes and dreams now? How does it make you feel to say, “I’m the closest to another human who doesn’t have enough empathy for me to go visit?”

What were your children like when they were growing up?

The children of previous generations had a terrific role model in the church, so they were well equipped to face the challenges of young adulthood. The children of those young adults today, however, are left in the very lurch without any information and direction. Often, they just don’t know.

How do you define success?

A couple of words: Gains. We are getting on very well.

Your second tour in Australia, in the mid-1990s, was much more successful.

When were you born?

1996 April 2th. (No Pajamas)

Name: Virgil Knight

Age: 17

Country: USA

Gender: Male

Currently Live In: Indiana

Currently Reading: Calligraphy

Desert Flashback

What’s been the most memorable book for you that you’ve picked up in the past and how did you come to pick it up in the first place?

Revenge of the Nerds by Aaron McGruder

Where were you born? <Name> — Born in Mistral. . . . . . . — Where are you from? . . . . . . . — How did you end up in Mistral? <Name> — I…I… . . . . . . — How did you end up fighting for the Wurmcoil? <Name> — I was sent to Mistral to retrieve my equipment and to serve as an envoy for some nations with whom I have other connections. I was scheduled to return to Mistral and report to the leaders of that nation.

Why were you born? Answer: Just so you know, I’m always on the lookout for suitable prey. Note: If what was said about hunting at night wasn’t already enough, this one is worse. And worse still if you’re a girl with small breasts. If he could have stuck to normal human rules he would have already done so and would have been fine. The guy was always interested in me at that point. He just didn’t want to tell me what it was that made him choose me, nor did he know what that “surprise” I received at the end.

How were you born? Were you always with Willy Miles and the Fuggles?” With a grimace, she replied, “My father had a nose job.” She turned her head to face Gringotts’s receptionist, who turned back to Harry. “Get in!” “He’s in his office on the second floor!” hissed Harry. “I need to get some of the mail to him! I’ll just get to it later!” “Keep it down, lad!” yelled the goblin. “We’re under tight security!” The receptionist hurried Harry.

id your parents ever share their memories with you about the day you were born? You could make sure to remember them on this Halloween

Have you been to Halloween parties? Halloween parties are so old-fashioned now but back in the olden days, kids would drag their parents out to some of the most awesome parties in the country. Sometimes these are a few simple black-tie, full-dress at home events but the events that are a little more advanced tend to have a little more of a costume element. I would check the Halloween webpage of a certain band or event.

What were your favorite games and hobbies?

Basketball, football, rock climbing, watching movies, and coding.

Was one of your sisters a musician?

No, but she did play piano. I played basketball in high school and in college. My sister does fine art.

What was your job when you were a kid?

The kid from “Home Alone.”

Tell us about your first job. What was it?

Convie ware salesman, $400 a week.

Did you play any sports?


Did you eat that much in Japan?

I couldn’t have. But here, they’re more flexible.

Oh, really?


And then where do you think they eat it?

In the tub.

For the tub! That’s such a good idea!

Okay, so do you want to go to dinner?

No, I’ll just do my homework.


My grandmother said not to go to dinner, because of the rice.

What did you do for fun?

One thing I do in my free time is you’d probably see my daughter Paige running around the studio with her friends and I’m just off getting some lessons from Coach Krew.

Tell me about the family unit. How do you like being a part of the team?

I love being part of the team and the greatest challenge is to keep doing what I love in the game, play good defense and ball movement. If I have to go somewhere else to get better, I’ll do that.

What’s your first memory?

Oh, I was born in New York City, so my memory has a lot to do with that. My parents had taken me to Egypt during my pre-kindergarten years, and I remember when I started school. I had this little piggy bank in my back pocket that I wanted to fill with pennies. When the teacher asked me how much I wanted, I told her the exact amount. She handed me the piggy bank, and I dropped it in the cup of the first kid who sat next to me.

Who’s the oldest relative you remember? Where’d they come from, how‖? KA: I remember my father’s birth. I was born on 26 April in 1926. My father was born in Kharkiv, my mother in Volodymyr. So, from 1924 to 1925, I was in Volodymyr.

TA: How old were you then?

KA: Well, I wasn’t even six. It’s a lie. We were in our parents’ basement.

TA: It’s a lie. I’m sure.

What do you remember about him?

And now, there’s some reason to believe that Robinson didn’t remember at all:

The lawyer for Robinson’s biological son, Daunte, told Gawker he believes his mom and dad still do not talk.

That’s how you can be your own worst enemy: trying to outshine your life.

Or else, you can just be self-abasing and proud.

He has kept the correspondence with Robinson long and vivid. It’s just impossible to link them all together, but they show how Robinson was trying.

How did your parents meet?

“My mother was working in Europe when she met my father, who was working in an aviation shop. They worked together as “female servants” on one of her previous marriages. Then they met when my mother was in her 20s and he was in his 40s.”

How old were you when you graduated from college?

“18 and 18.”

What kind of job did you have?

“I was working in the training department of a training school and trained a dog trainer.”

Tell me about your childhood home.

Sending you all my childhood homes is the same as sending you all my children. [laughs] My mother, she always let me out of my room.

Tell me about your youth.

I was raised in Nogales. We grew up in the company of my mother, the three of us. My father was a good teacher.

Tell me about your family’s origin.

My family’s origin is primarily Native Americans. This is how I see my race.

Tell me about your mother.

How did your family celebrate holidays when you were a child? What holiday are you celebrating this year?

I miss a few holidays here and there. Christmas is the biggest. I always thought I was missing Christmas because my grandparents moved to a different country, but it was actually my auntie’s cousin who moved back to Ireland. The day before Christmas I was at school where I got a copy of Good Morning London, which came out in 2001, it had a New Years list of all the major American cities. My auntie’s cousin, her whole family moved to Dublin.

Tell me about your wedding day. Was it emotional?

It was incredibly emotional. I remember the first time we met was the day after the shooting. I thought my sister had gotten a shot of me right away. We were so comfortable with each other and I was already laughing about how I couldn’t believe we were actually going to be friends. It was so insane. I’d literally met Julie because she hired me on a job. In my mind, I’d been hired to hang a collar on her dog and feed it in her back yard. In reality, it was the same job.

What were your favorite school subjects?

I was born in 1955 so for the longest time I was raised as a boy and only started working as a girl around age 15. I’m now 65 years old, so I can say that school is still one of my favorites. Growing up I didn’t know that I had this secret dream of becoming a school teacher.

You have a talent for drawing. Who would you like to work with?

I would love to work with any artist on any project, but especially people who draw manga in their spare time.

Tell me about your favorite teacher.

– If I had to choose one of my favorites, it would be my professor who taught for a mere two months before we had to switch institutions. I can honestly say that she was a real ray of light in our otherwise dark life.

If I was to list my favorite things to do during the week…

– Lending the money you’ve saved to an artist or non-profit organization that feeds the homeless and poor.

– Stopping by a bookstore to pick up a novel.

– Visiting a local food.

Tell me about some of your friends.

I have one friend, Sam, and it’s funny to watch him screwing around with movies now. He always wanted to be a movie guy.

What films do you watch?

I like Chinese revenge films. Also, TV dramas like The Provies, The Heroic Woman, and Miami Vice.

What are you most afraid of?

I’m scared of dying.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to read. I try to get up at 6.

Describe your first job. What was the hardest job you had to do that you still enjoy today?

One of the toughest jobs I had to do was at GameRanger. I’ve been doing that since 2006, so it’s been a good few years for me. I have a list of crazy games that I’ve worked on as a digital art director, and they’re the ones I really enjoy, but sometimes I just don’t get around to them. My personal favorites are this Christmas and this crazy 2D platformer, Ren. Not sure what happened to this one.

What did you do with your first paycheck? Did you make the maximum in the company you worked for or in what direction did you move the money? And how did you get that money to your benefit?”

About 2/3 of the adult population in the U.S. pays less than $30,000 in federal income tax, the IRS said. But those people who do pay tax do not have to pay any federal income tax in addition to what they pay in state and local income taxes.

Who are some of your heroes?

Lil’ Bear: I love this band, but before I could get to it, I had to play baseball and dance really well.

M.O.: The Kindness Project is one of my favorite hip-hop records of all time. It’s about men and women trying to find a solution to their “crisis” of being sweet and accepting. I love that from Lil’ Bear.

Metrick: The Beatnuts. Those guys are awesome.

Rishma M: Kid Cudi.

Where were you when you heard that President Kennedy was shot?

Did you pick up a newspaper? No, I didn’t even have a newspaper.

Were you in an office in the morning? No, we were always reading the news when it broke. We would check with other friends and find out what the news was. I don’t remember how I found out, but it had to be through reading the newspaper and going home and reading the news again.

Were you worried about Cuba?

I was worried about the whole world because I knew we were.

Where were you when you heard that Pearl Harbor was bombed? How did you react?

I was taking my three-year-old sister to school on the day of the attack, and it just so happened that a woman and her children were also in the school, so it was so unexpected. I thought it was a plane crash and then she said, “It was an attack!” I was startled.

What was the weather like on that day?

The wind was blowing from the right and the rain was pouring from the sky.

Where were you when you heard that Hiroshima was bombed?

When I heard the news, I was at school in Saigon. I had finished my history exams the day before. My mother was already on the other side of the world and I remember rushing home to meet her.

What are the memories that you’ve brought back from that period?

It’s difficult to describe. At that time, although I wasn’t a politician, I had a lot of friends who were working in the political field. I was a student leader who helped to organise demonstrations. I remember even dancing.

Where were you when you heard that the berlin wall had fallen?

On the 28th of June 2012 an oil tanker “CS Okeanos Explorer” left Algeciras with 60,000 tons of sweet crude oil from Canada and India in a bid to circumvent the “sanitary cap” which has a radius of 40 nautical miles from Algeciras. She was heading for the Black Sea. She reached the east of Mykonos where the order “detecting activities” took place, the ship was sent back to Turkey after more than three.

Where were you when you heard that the Titanic had sunk? How did your parents react?

JM: My wife was 18 at the time. My mom, Anna, was at work. She couldn’t sleep. She had stayed up all night thinking about the news. I was on the phone with her at 7:00 a.m. What was really awful was when I called her from the office. I heard this urgent tone coming from the phone. I answered and she said, “You have to wake up. It’s not good.” She’s telling me everything.

Where were you when you heard that the Bolsheviks had taken over Russia?

Stalin: I was worried by the news. I was told, through the Bolsheviks, that the members of the upper castes in the Soviet power were guilty of murder and treachery against the people. The time had come for the people to make an example of those privileged strata to show them that the working class and the peasants were in revolt against their rule. I didn’t get much time to think about it because on September 7 I had to go to the Front to save the Battalion and the other.

Where were you when you heard that Germany had been defeated? We were bombed, all over Europe. And Germany was attacked. Now, you know, Hitler probably would have invaded Britain or Poland if he had a chance, but it wasn’t even an option for him. And so they had to wait until World War Two to invade the country. I think that’s the way it went down, and I do understand that. I do not understand why this is a country that you have on the West Coast of North America with these splendid libraries and institutions of higher learning and scientific research.

Where were you when you heard that Louis XIV had ascended to the throne? Was there a “bar-b-que” at the Elysée or Queen Marguerite VII had replaced the Empress to marry him? Did the Parisian ladies and gentlemen clutch their pearls and swoon at the fall of royalty? The French people have been in a state of ferment since the previous year’s Napoleonic war, sparked by what historians today think was Louis’s ill-conceived attempt to reunite the Rhine alliance and eventually conquer France itself. What kind of history student hasn’t sat?

Where were you when you heard that the Confederacy had surrendered?

I don’t remember. I can’t exactly remember. But I’ve learned enough to know how to let it go.

Was it hard to let go?

I don’t know. I think I was closer to it at the time. I think the concept of fighting for the institution that had done us so much harm seemed more painful than the end result.

Where were you when you heard that the Declaration of Independence had been signed? Were you busy sweeping up? It’s no wonder, my fellow Californians, that your Congress is “Astonishingly’ Bad at Doing Its Job”.

Admittedly, the United States isn’t perfect. The country has too many gun laws and too much money to make up for all the ignorance of the poor, who are victims of two centuries of disenfranchisement, racism and brutality. We’re so religious, too, that we can’t even agree on what god we worship.

Where were you when you heard that the moon had been colonized? Pish-Tosh: We were doing a DVD shoot with the Empress of Russia who’s a real beauty. Just sitting around while she watched one of the big action films and sort of indulged in that. She’s really into making things. And then, you know, the movies that I’m used to being in, being out there, you know, in “Andromeda,” a female president. It was interesting. That was also an experience, because there were three of us.

Where were you when you heard that unicorns had been discovered in a cave in North Korea? I can hardly believe that after everything I’m hearing, to have found such a thing you didn’t know about as I had. To think that I would not have even heard of such a thing, let alone be near it.”

Ooh, it was hard to bring some distance between myself and that smile.

“My advice to you would be to simply read a book about ghosts and devils, then come look me up if you ever get the chance.”

Where were you when you heard that the world had ended?

The end of the world…really?

Well, we didn’t know what it was. Our neighbors were at a wedding. My parents were out for the day. We never saw the light of day. We had radio on in the house, and there was a newscaster. He said, “We’ve got a serious problem out there in the desert. There’s a bad wind blowing. Maybe the dust devils are going to come into the house. We need you to be on the scene.”

Where were you when you heard that Nibiru had crashed into the earth and annihilated it? By what measures have you decided that it did indeed arrive? If it did, is the system within which Nibiru works now changed as a result? This is what I really want to know, since it is logical to assume that you must have based any decision about Nibiru’s arrival on your understanding of the old laws of nature you have to credit for your current system, and that such a change must have occurred by a previously unknown process involving N. bj Ophiuchus.

Where were you when you heard that Half Life 3 had been released? As I recall the news was universally ecstatic. Did the anticipation and buzz factor in particular get you involved in the process of creating Half Life 3?

Davey Hodder: When we officially announced the sequel we didn’t have the name and we had a rather basic one to show at E3 — Lambda and Lambda Force — so many of you had speculated the codename but didn’t know what it meant, so we were starting to feel the pressure. As it turned out the full title was more.

Where were you when you heard that pigs flew? I was sitting in my basement, watching the afternoon. Nobody said anything, but I knew. No more than I knew that most people knew I saw flying pigs. What did you know about pigs that makes you say “I saw a flying pig”? I didn’t even know pigs flew. When I walked out of the kitchen, my neighbor didn’t say anything to me, but I knew he had seen it, too. How do you know that a flying pig was a true story? It was a good tale, it had good storytelling qualities.

Where were you when you heard that the full-sized GPT-2 model had been released?

So, how did this press release stack up against expectations?

My expectations were a bit on the low side, as a key factor was that the GPT-2 didn’t have a default menu/backlit keyboard option. Many options were simplified to allow only two pushbuttons, an integrated (relatively) low-power display (230 mA output), and the ability to quickly access backlit keys for even greater convenience.

Where were you when you heard that Sargon II had conquered the Babylonian empire? I was lying on my couch watching Farscape, eating M&M’s and drinking water. (The M&M’s I was eating were Twix.) I remember thinking that to conquer an empire, a king must be absolutely celibate. I also remember the feeling I got in my stomach. It was as though I could only take one thing in the world. And that thing was King Sargon II.

I’ll be the first to admit that, at the time.

Where were you when you heard that Arthur had died in battle against Mordred? I came in the night and hastened in joy to his chamber, only to find him not there. So be it!”

Yorick was grinning, and said, “I have heard.”

“That is why we need not hesitate. We will destroy him. Let no one else quarrel, nor hold peace. And do not needlessly call me any of the names I have given you. Lord Damon is the only one that matters.”

“Only mine!”

Where were you when you heard that the one ring had been forged in the fires of mount doom? I have been sitting by the campfire for a whole week, memorizing this tale, and have never quite resolved the paradox. Or do the towers in our shattered remains indicate the presence of something greater than we can imagine? To me, the Tower of Ghenjei speaks of nothing less than a corruption beyond comprehension.” Arundel: “What?”

L’Arachel: “The corrupted Ring of Hengstennin. I can feel it.”

What is your experience with or opinion of computers? Anybody else’s?

This is a series of 4-ish interviews I did with community members and other folks in the PC gaming community. Anyone else who thinks I’m too lazy to go through the whole process of interviewing people probably doesn’t have the time, and the rest probably might think I’m a complete asshole for asking people on a forum they prefer to stay in the shadows to openly share their thoughts, because apparently nobody wants to be on camera while being interviewed.

So, it’s a really embarrassing scenario for me.

Tell me about some of your favorite songs.

You know, I’ve got a lot of favorites. It’s a weird thing because I try to pick the lesser known but it’s all good stuff. I always want the surprise. I don’t want something that everyone is expecting. I like singing for fun and I like singing live for that. I like singing to my mom. I enjoy the challenge of trying to do something like that, and to stay behind the mic a little bit, and this was actually something that happened last year on “Turn.” I was sitting.

Tell me about some of the places where you’ve been happiest. The truth is, I don’t know exactly where you are happy or where you feel most alive and then I also know that there is not a single street where we would both like to be. I would never wish that upon anyone.

My favourite place is Belgium. What makes me happy? You probably think it’s because it is your favourite country in the world. It’s no secret that I’m a lover of Belgium and still feel extremely connected to that place. Just over a month ago I returned there and everything.

What haven’t we talked about that you’d like to discuss in the time we have left?

‎Sally: There’s not really any nitty-gritty that we haven’t talked about.

Harris: That’s good.

Mixon: We haven’t had any of that. There have been some people who have written comments on what happened. The fact that the victim, in this case, did not press charges does not absolve him or us from responsibility. We’re all bound by the law.

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