A Catalogue of Limit Objects

The following is a novel-length text generated for NaNoGenMo 2019, inspired by Mark Fisher’s The Weird and the Eerie.

A Catalogue of Limit Objects

Object #777324

Object #187563

Object #469358

Downwind of Conroe within mailrooms of knee, countless vixens of take flight, watching, judging, vast, terrible, purposeless, whose incredible mouldy phellem, miniscule, sitting in judgement, whose box seats whose polished denounce, unknowable, knowing, listens, beckon, weeps, silently judge.

Object #403956

West of Cirencester within a vast clean room of digit, an example scale model of a Christ Within of diabase weeps. Within a crumbling chest of fingers, crumbling infinite mannikin sculptures of pericardial fluid know your name.

Object #862424

Object #721446

Object #26015

Object #900817

Object #489066

Object #585782

Object #942280

Object #878254

Object #642991

Object #312875

Object #144733

Object #915092

Object #553294

Object #381239

Object #282251

Object #632962

Object #651936

Object #611998

Object #956996

Object #65183

Object #525401

Object #804504

Object #973101

Object #799928

Object #919164

Object #799103

Upwind of Verdal within unnameable stairways of wing, unnumbered ersatz replicas of beaded bracelets of aluminium foil whose unknowable small pouch, whose unimaginable origins are lost in the fog of time, whose incredible an arcane basement of modified atmosphere a replica of a flummox, whose unknowable origins are lost in the fog of time, listens, calls, whose unimaginable articulatio talocruralises wait, wait. Below Dearborn Heights within a great pool room of disgorge, numberless duplicate copies of strzelin whose nameless purpose we cannot imagine whose light bulb, whose unknowable origins are lost in the fog of time, whose unknowable unknowable origins are lost in the fog of time, knows your name, crumbling, weep, while high above Millcreek within gyms of pierre d'euville, a replication duplicate of metallised film weeps. Within an arcane hollow of matted hair, tiny an ersatz doll of a calf of wrestle, whose dark purpose we cannot imagine, waits, while within entrances of gladiolus, a duplication copy of an Arabian tea of nostril, whose terrible terrible purpose remains incomprehensible to man, weeps. Within cups of lineage, interminable example models of neck openings of line of descent call.

Object #980826

Within living rooms of lymph, unnumerable similitude replicas of mimosa, watching in silent judgement, waiting in judgement, nameless, whose mad purpose we cannot imagine silently judge. Within hallways of wrist, innumerable Gemini scale models of finks of peritoneal fluid, vast, silently judge.

Object #449173

Object #467408

Object #741827

Object #32117

Within an enormous pouch of nostril, fresh uncountable mold sculptures of atens of twist know your name, meanwhile within nameless conveyors of sweat, unnumbered pose duplicates of boldnesses of wrestle, incredible, mad, silently judge.

Object #923565

Object #897851

Object #450525

Object #606767

Object #726030

Object #919519

Object #550189

Object #729903

Object #852746

Object #798448

Object #746107

Within an arcane loft of flint, unnumerable bashes of platinum whose arcane origin we may never know weep. High above Eau Claire above St Austell within mouldy staircases of sterling, endless theoretical account replicas of velostat weep, but miles below West Lafayette within miniscule anechoic chambers of cellophane, interminable manikin duplicates of delphinium whose cyclopean rotter, whose unknowable origin we may never know, whose purpose we may never know, wails, wait, but miles above Salinas miles above Haxby within dens of bopet, uncountable duplicate twins of quick studies of eye, watching mockingly, incredible, ancient, unnameable, wail. Within a huge bottle of dolomite, a sculpture of velostat beckons. Below Staines-upon-Thames within water closets of spider, myriad mannequin copies of verbalises of stock, evanescent, nameless, chuckle.

Object #75840

Object #675104

Object #501419

Object #455169

Object #978647

Above Lakeville within a dilapidate bathroom of stew, a copy of papercrete, whose cellars of iron enormous a scale model awaits your words, wails, meanwhile within vast storm cellars of sawdust, arcane uncountable johes of papercrete beckon, meanwhile miles below Lincoln miles below Hempstead within gravid storm cellars of papercrete, dateless fashion model sculptures of cordwood, unimaginable, waiting in judgement, silently judge, meanwhile within cups of wing, vast dateless serpent peoples of chromium whose rubber bands wait, whose unimaginable chase, cyclopean, whose incredible purpose we cannot imagine, whose vast terrible purpose remains incomprehensible to man, whose terrible dark purpose we cannot imagine, silently judges, watching carefully, unimaginable, know your name, while deep below Grantham within trays of bopet, shattered mouldy uncountable ptah-hoteps of begonia, silently judging, unnameable, tiny, mad, waiting in judgement, silently judge, however within sunrooms of live, innumerable modelling duplicates of feces call, meanwhile within a miniscule common room of tin, countless auras of maggot whose unnameable purpose we cannot imagine whose mad great stag, mad, infinitesimal, whispers your name, whose long-forgotten box of crayons, polished, terrible, arcane, long-forgotten, unnameable, listens, wail, while within fitting rooms of worm, a doll of tulip, whose terrible unknowable purpose remains unimaginable, waits, however within pantries of hot-melt adhesive, mouldy shattered multitudinous couple sculptures of plastic wrap whose unknowable purpose we cannot imagine wail. Above Evesham miles above Richland miles above Bolingbrook within antechambers of spider, a repeat replica of nostril, whose incredible unimaginable origins are lost in the fog of time, whose unknowable miniscule washrooms of sputum uncountable os frontales silently judge, whispers your name, while miles above Dunwoody miles below South Molton within a nameless pouch of sawdust, fresh unnumbered duplication sculptures of polypropylene whose question, whose mad unimaginable origins are lost in the fog of time, listens, beckon. Within conveyors of vomitus, a counterpart doll of breast, whose purpose we cannot imagine, waits.

Object #301031

Object #340509

Within a long-forgotten tunnel of molded pulp, a doll of a poseidon of aviate waits.

Upriver of Weston-super-Mare upriver of Lakewood within sitting rooms of teeth, massive multitudinous simulation copies of death wishes of steel know your name, however above Saxmundham within a massive wrapping of styrofoam, a sculpture of a shoggoth of columbine, unnameable, forgotten, whose pails of rammed earth infinitesimal a mould model, whose arcane terrible unknowable purpose remains unimaginable, sits in silent judgement, wails. Within clean rooms of comprise, great massive unimaginable a model of an arm of modified atmosphere whispers your name. Within clutches of charnockite, overbold innumerable ersatz duplicates of YHWHs of lower leg, incredible, vast, incredible, unimaginable, unknowable, mad, silently judge, but below Ashburton within motel rooms of metallised film, innumerous modeling duplicates of breast whose terrible terrible lookout, whose purpose we may never know, awaits your words, purposeless, wait.

Object #125641

Within staff rooms of regurgitation, fresh myriad counterpart copies of buttercup beckon.

Object #852679

Object #353620

Object #109826

Object #343530

Object #444609

Object #296213

Object #317126

Object #296629

Object #847710

Object #202466

Object #328168

Object #619627

Object #405525

Object #501208

Miles below Beaumont below Dawlish within crumbling globes of edelweiss, endless similitude scale models of buck whose unknowable unimaginable needle weeps, whose unknowable cleave, purposeless, crumbling, weeps, wait, but within a massive lobby of plastic wrap, a duplication copy of foot, whose nameless terrible unknowable purpose remains unimaginable, whispers your name, while miles above Greenville within a tiny sunroom of iron, a replica of foam peanut sits in silent judgement. Deep below Madison below Oakengates miles below Bridlington deep below Yate miles above Salina miles above Davie within clean rooms of ketton stone, a good example doll of a saint of serpent listens, however within mugs of rock, innumerous simulate scale models of thothes of blaxter call, while within tubes of foam peanut, numberless Twin Falls scale models of setems of dunhouse buff wait, but miles below Deerfield Beach within a massive wine cellar of peach blossom, a model of a tabulate of cushioning, unimaginable, mad, antedeluvian, infinitesimal, chuckles, meanwhile within forgotten bowls of worm, terrible mad dateless theoretical account dolls of nail clipperses of travail silently judge, however within ballrooms of corrugated fiberboard, sempiternal lilac-coloreds of snake in the grass, antedeluvian, mad, arcane, terrible, waiting, beckon, however within purposeless clutches of styrofoam, unnumerable Twin Falls duplicates of way outs of bamboo call, meanwhile within unimaginable kitchens of peony, unnumbered exemplary sculptures of arm whose incredible mnevises whose unnameable forgotten shenty awaits your words, whose mad ancient forest god weeps, silently judge, beckon. Upriver of Brookhaven within a miniscule computer lab of plastic film, interminable mock up duplicates of portland independent top whitbed whose unknowable origin we may never know wail. Within glasses of purbeck marble, a sculpture of heather, whose unknowable purpose we cannot imagine, wails. High above Ryde within waiting rooms of platinum, numberless fundaments of gall know your name, while upwind of Cleveland west of Muncie fathoms below Hoover south of Ellicott City within arcane transmission control rooms of aluminium, numberless modeling sekhemuses of molded pulp beckon, meanwhile within a mouldy washroom of bubble wrap, a doll of buck, whose miniscule defects beckon, whose terrible purpose remains incomprehensible to man, wails, while downwind of Bozeman deep below Widnes deep below Shanklin within a forgotten storm cellar of exertion, unnumerable mehet-werets of bamboo whose polished puddle, vast, miniscule, awaits your words, vast, terrible, whose cyclopean underworld, vast, incredible, nameless, chuckles, wait, however within barrels of shrinkwrap, a match scale model of a gengen wer of adobe, whose purpose we may never know, whose dark purpose we cannot imagine, whose arcane purpose we may never know, judges, while within a long-forgotten cabin of modified atmosphere, myriad belt outs of straw silently judge, meanwhile within a vast fire escape of used chewing gum, forgotten a mannequin model of zinc beckons, however within a great schoolroom of low-density polyethylene, huge a twin of bubble wrap judges, meanwhile within staff rooms of fingerbreadth, mad uncountable Gemini blouses of pierre de jaumont whose arcane purpose we cannot imagine whose lion awaits your words, call, meanwhile fathoms below Odda within polished chests of edelweiss, unnumbered nouses of rainfly wait. Within a cyclopean library of teeth, innumerable reduplicate duplicates of heru-khus of sputum beckon.

Object #947608

Object #449229

Object #207729

Object #542811

Object #404347

Object #842875

Object #15686

Object #815048

Within purses of pewter, a replicate sculpture of a purge of gerbera daisy, whose terrible unknowable purpose remains unimaginable, whose a purposeless locker room of nalgene a reproduction scale model calls, silently judges, but within clean rooms of nonwoven fabric, unnumberable theoretical account replicas of freyrs of stew, incredible, unknowable, chuckle. Within a vast bowl of molded pulp, multitudinous star vampires of nickel beckon. Within courtrooms of breast, eternal counterpart scale models of corrugated plastic silently judge. Within storm cellars of sterling, countless Twin Falls twins of pincers of forearm chuckle. Within chests of lead, eternal midgets of disgorge beckon. Within a forgotten conveyor of low-density polyethylene, multitudinous posture models of selkies of bubble wrap whose long-forgotten luminosity calls, whose vast oceanus knows your name, whose unimaginable orchidaceous plant, mad, watching in silent mockery, whispers your name, huge, beckon.

Object #332899

Fathoms below Stoke-on-Trent below Horsforth within huge studies of split, interminable double replicas of Iapetuses of stemma whose terrible evanescent playpen, whose whops, unimaginable, knowing, whose terrible great remote control, unimaginable, silently mocking, biding time, whose nameless terrible unknowable purpose remains unimaginable, calls, beckon, listens, know your name. Within tiny balloons of copper, purposeless endless Gemini dionysuses of nalgene weep, while within valises of paperboard, uncountable mould models of liquid packaging board weep.

Object #457994

Object #388772

Object #173001

Object #413804

Upstream of Mitcham within an enormous living room of gold, multitudinous riffs of marigold, mad, waiting patiently, nameless, unimaginable, waiting in judgement, unnameable, nameless, chuckle.

Object #177602

Within enormous bottles of nonwoven fabric, cracking numberless twin sculptures of crying weep. Fathoms below El Monte within a great dormitory of plastic wrap, a twin duplicate of nickel, whose unimaginable origins are lost in the fog of time, calls, however miles below Farmington Hills within a polished lobby of przedborowa, mouldy unimaginable a match doll of Snake wails, while within terrible heaps of perspire, countless model duplicates of purplishes of nonwoven fabric, great, watching mockingly, terrible, long-forgotten, whose khesfus whose nameless joystick, forgotten, mocking, silently judges, call, nameless, fresh, wail, but above Joplin miles below Immingham high above Chipping Norton within a long-forgotten wine cellar of spider, a mate doll of an andiron of shoot calls, but above Malden within foyers of kraft paper, unnumerable ersatz mallets of profligate, terrible, polished, wait, however within throne rooms of wrestle, interminable substitute replicas of arrests of papercrete know your name, meanwhile within fire escapes of calf, a duplicate duplicate of a campana of thatch, whose mad unknowable places call, whispers your name, however within mailrooms of corrugated fiberboard, innumerous pattern sliders of blood silently judge, however within doorways of bubble wrap, unnumberable quats of bamboo chuckle, but within a purposeless workshop of lead, dateless mannikin entwines of shrinkwrap, arcane, lurking, wail, while within walkways of aster, a doll of a quick study of adobe, terrible, chuckles, however within hollows of toe, mad uncountable extra gripes of nalgene chuckle, while within conference rooms of back, a sculpture of a Rosmarinus officinalis of shoot down, vast, unnameable, sits in silent judgement, meanwhile within a huge bedroom of czaple, numberless mould models of cognizances of shoot down, nameless, overbold, chuckle, however miles below Grimstad miles above Ossett miles above Garland upriver of Collierville within wiring closets of portoro buono, multitudinous sit white-livereds of spit whose unknowable purpose we cannot imagine wail, however upstream of Shawnee fathoms below Loughborough within fire escapes of brass, swell endless replica vexes of anemone, shattered, great, watching mockingly, silently judge, meanwhile within a nameless staircase of papercrete, a duplicate of a love of rammed earth, whose massive engine rooms of fret endless couple Aesculapiuses chuckle, waits, meanwhile deep below Sale within a tiny can of cordwood, interminable hydrargyrums of aluminium, mad, watching mockingly, whose unknowable vast automaton beckons, chuckle, however miles above Harpenden within entryways of copper, a duplicate of a give away of faecal matter awaits your words, however within a huge vase of stock, a reduplicate twin of a mummy of teeth judges, however high above Salem east of Enterprise within an unknowable dressing room of violet, a Gemini scale model of a pencil of cordwood silently judges, while within huge bottles of aluminium, dateless mate hags of binge wait, meanwhile within a long-forgotten changing room of tulip, incredible a poser scale model of rammed earth listens, however within antedeluvian studios of aluminium, mouldy numberless parallel hair ribbons of fecal matter, enormous, miniscule, mocking, silently judge, meanwhile within a polished parlor of tin, a Gemini scale model of marble silently judges, meanwhile above Downham Market miles above Albany within a round off corner office of shoulder, enormous myriad double loves of iron whose ancient box, whose terrible purpose remains incomprehensible to man, whispers your name, know your name, however within bottles of cordwood, numberless match dolls of rock-and-rolls of electrum whose great handbag, crumbling, unnameable, sits in silent judgement, whose purposeless purpose we cannot imagine, vast, terrible, whose fresh teddy bear sits in silent judgement, cyclopean, crumbling, chuckle, but within airport lounges of elbow grease, numberless Twin crows of earwax, terrible, purposeless, silently judge, while within dumbwaiters of modified atmosphere, multitudinous pair duplicates of laids of plastic film wail, but within assembly rooms of stool, great a duplicate of paperboard whispers your name, but fathoms below Clevedon miles above Sarpsborg miles below Grimsby within barrels of daffodil, a mold duplicate of snapdragon wails, but within a long-forgotten water closet of thatch, dateless role model sculptures of óðrs of teardrop wail, however within nameless boiler rooms of rammed earth, uncounted knickerses of steel know your name, while within valises of caen stone, a Gemini doll of a sekhet-metu of caen stone awaits your words, but deep below Colchester fathoms below Alton within fresh boxes of rock, polished uncounted mold twins of marigold whose nameless recoils call, know your name, while within pouches of wing, eternal duplication copies of primrose whose incredible magazine awaits your words, beckon, but within a capital parlor of primrose, a scale model of an Eustoma grandiflorum of shoot chuckles. High above Pasadena above Morley within billiard rooms of lip, a duplicate of bronze waits. Within a nameless common room of portland stone, a sculpture of a pair of safety goggles of straw, whose purpose we may never know, waits.

Within a miniscule pit of platinum, a duplicate of tuffeau stone wails.

Object #298477

Object #660075

Object #18603

Object #430550

Within cans of wrist, unnumberable busy bees of plastic wrap, ancient, watching mockingly, chuckle. Within a neat pit of titanium, arcane a mannequin twin of lead calls.

Below San Bernardino within a vast clutch of mimosa, a pattern model of a flatboat of tinplate weeps. Within an incredible waiting room of plastic film, a duplicate of follow whispers your name, while below Frederick within an incredible emergency room of pewter, a Twin Falls copy of head chuckles, meanwhile upriver of Windermere above Ossett fathoms below Menifee within glasses of anorthosite, uncountable Twin Falls air-sleeves of sunflower, long-forgotten, know your name, meanwhile miles above Silsden miles below Orem fathoms below Frederick fathoms below Mansfield within tv rooms of lineage, a scale model of parentage, whose purpose we may never know, whose purpose we may never know, waits, but within an arcane living room of dunhouse blue, a Twin Falls scale model of a cubitus of elbow grease weeps, but within a purposeless bottle of magnesian limestone, a sculpture of a ladys slipper of louse waits, but within a vast weight room of iris, a replica of finger's breadth weeps, but within game rooms of waist, numberless twin duplicates of backbones of calf whose forgotten rear end, purposeless, watching in silent mockery, whose nameless terrible purpose remains incomprehensible to man, whose terrible purpose we may never know, whose purposeless terrible unknowable purpose remains unimaginable, sits in silent judgement, nameless, crumbling, knowing, whose mad bills chuckle, weep, meanwhile within pouches of thatch, a twin of corrugated fiberboard whispers your name, however within pits of portland grove whitbed, a Gemini twin of a leaping of portland admiralty roach judges. Within openings of tooth, countless chins of cast whose unimaginable polished jumbo knows your name, silently judge, however within tearooms of portland hard blue, unnumbered role model ahtus of vanish beckon. Within a fresh ladder of tin, countless deals of shoot down, arcane, nameless, silently judge.

Object #645149

Object #978043

Miles below St. Petersburg within a huge pool room of ladys slipper, unnumbered role model ciliums of back, sitting in judgement, watching in silent judgement, watching, incredible, know your name. Within boxes of bout, a fashion model duplicate of a nodens of low-density polyethylene beckons, however upstream of Malton within cans of camellias, a doll of aqueous humour, unimaginable, nameless, listens, meanwhile within doors of blood line, sempiternal mannequin replicas of tongue silently judge. Miles above Roswell within a huge closet of anemone, infinite similitude replicas of electrum whose antedeluvian nebethetepet, cyclopean, waiting patiently, knows your name, whose terrible crumbling pentad, moldy, watching, waits, unimaginable, crumbling, waiting, whose terrible origin we may never know whose arcane mouldy vampire wails, beckon. Within a terrible corner office of sanies, unnameable dateless blowdryers of matted hair wail. Within sunrooms of low-density polyethylene, vast innumerous counterpart replicas of lookouts of polypropylene whose purposeless terrible remit wails, wail. Within armories of sanies, infinite air-sleeves of constitute, nameless, purposeless, nameless, lurking, whose ancient minerva, fresh, tiny, silently judges, unimaginable, purposeless, silently judging, arcane, chuckle.

Object #982503

Below Newcastle upon Tyne within anatomical theatres of foam peanut, innumerous chocolates of cordwood whose nameless purpose we cannot imagine chuckle.

Object #77047

Object #337258

Object #130576

Object #698167

High above Lewes within a miniscule electrical room of profligate, a manakin sculpture of a hair brush of liquid packaging board judges. Within a huge aircraft cabin of papercrete, unnumerable twinned twins of metallised film whose forgotten welt, cyclopean, sitting in judgement, sitting in judgement, vast, arcane, judges, wail. Within an ancient dormitory of rip, countless reproduction twins of tin, great, miniscule, watching, whose vast determineds whose mouldy seshat weeps, wail, call, while downstream of Vennesla within infinitesimal breakfast nooks of stew, purposeless countless quarter rounds of polyethylene whose unnameable lead, infinitesimal, watching in judgement, whose purpose we may never know, whose purposeless purpose we may never know, listens, wail, meanwhile above Franklin within classrooms of paperboard, a copy of a head word of dejection calls, while miles above Cricklade within pool rooms of styrofoam, numberless repeat replicas of bamboo whose mad huge regurgitate, arcane, unimaginable, weeps, weep, but within an enormous corridor of gastric juice, a duplication sculpture of chalk wails, however within living rooms of liquid packaging board, a copy of a lavender of lotus flower weeps, but within unimaginable clean rooms of polypropylene, mad multitudinous reproduction cheats of gold wail.

Within breezeways of welsh slate, dateless match twins of clunch whose vestas beckon, shattered, unnameable, chuckle.

Within tearooms of spue, enceinte a twin of a Narcissus pseudonarcissus of yellowjackets waits. Within pool rooms of lead, mouldy innumerable exemplar models of bottlebrush whose forgotten Sif, cyclopean, watching mockingly, wails, know your name, while above Hunstanton below Wetherby within a crumbling drawing room of bearl, myriad theoretical account dolls of Chimaeras of spue wail, while within an incredible wrapper of molded pulp, sempiternal substitute replicas of nalgene whose unnameable vast shtup silently judges, beckon, however within waiting rooms of bottom, polished a twin of flies whispers your name. High above Royal Leamington Spa within a nameless pit of rakehell, eternal model scale models of rammed earth wail, but deep below Portland within an incredible conservatory of copper, a manakin duplicate of a griffon vulture of thatch silently judges, but high above Catalina Foothills above Dayton within a mouldy salon of earth-sheltered, shattered innumerable mould 5s of roses whose nameless miniscule brim, whose vast terrible purpose remains incomprehensible to man, silently judges, know your name, while within a shattered boardroom of plastic film, uncounted theoretical account centers of marble whose arcane mows know your name, whose purposeless antedeluvian marijuana cigarette wails, infinitesimal, mad, ancient, sitting in judgement, whose nameless massive scab, tiny, vast, silently judges, wail, meanwhile within a diminutive chapel of syenite, antedeluvian a doll of caen stone, whose unimaginable origin we may never know, knows your name. Within balloons of iron, a copy of a minotaur of modified atmosphere awaits your words.

Miles above Bracknell below Rosemead within ancient utility rooms of nalgene, terrible evanescent unnumberable ersatz handheld game systems of pewter whose terrible unnameable beat, terrible, watching mockingly, whose origin we may never know, knows your name, chuckle. Within a massive gym of snap, eternal pencils of foot, nameless, watching, know your name, while within staircases of stool, a pose twin of a pontus of plutonium chuckles.

Object #702298

Object #393649

Object #19098

Object #246071

Object #420539

Object #465884

Object #169245

Object #354825

Object #403753

Object #45431

Object #667926

Object #313594

Within incredible control rooms of spittle, long-forgotten countless counterpart extremely low frequencies of blood serum whose unimaginable miniscule wenenu, whose nameless terrible purpose remains incomprehensible to man, weeps, watching in silent judgement, unnameable, silently judge. Within drawing rooms of plastic wrap, a similitude doll of chalk, whose mad a fresh corridor of tin a sculpture of an eye liner, whose great living rooms of banktop endless pose dolls, shattered, watching in judgement, silently judge, awaits your words, waits. Within entryways of gold, interminable twin moolahes of amaranth wait. Within tubes of glass, a parallel model of cerumen, nameless, mad, whispers your name, while within massive lobbies of bakelite, interminable twinned dos of modified atmosphere wait.

Within ancient trays of freesia, numberless mould succubuses of styrofoam weep.

Object #220890

Object #270330

Within saunas of aqueous humour, dateless old maid flowers of magnesian limestone, incredible, long-forgotten, unimaginable, unknowable, unknowable, evanescent, beckon.

Object #427998

Within an infinitesimal locker room of polyethylene, a couple duplicate of a hoof it of nonwoven fabric, nameless, tonic, sits in silent judgement.

Object #708801

Object #635135

Object #530203

Object #926800

Object #504388

Object #509613

Object #588227

Within trails of neck, endless exercise sets of sterling, massive, fresh, biding time, great, unknowable, biding time, unimaginable, beckon. Within an arcane computer lab of polyester, a doll of buttocks, unimaginable, vast, listens.

Object #988702

Within a terrible playroom of velostat, multitudinous fucks of caen stone whose purposeless reckoner knows your name, silently judge, but within an unfermented storm cellar of exist, endless fts of brass, fresh, watching in judgement, know your name. Within armories of bubble wrap, unknowable crumbling countless flags of wrist whose astraeus, whose huge hert-sefu-ses chuckle, awaits your words, wail.

Object #789780

Object #266625

Object #484475

Object #104424

Object #295320

Object #854992

Object #292546

Object #907057

Object #510409

Object #770760

Object #446543

Object #153131

Object #373181

Object #807270

Within huge boiler rooms of pedigree, unnumberable simulate duplicates of spend a pennies of corrugated fiberboard, watching in judgement, incredible, wail. Miles below Auburn deep below North Lauderdale miles above Taunton within aircraft cabins of snapdragon, uncountable poser teddies of mimosa silently judge, while within an infinitesimal foyer of head, innumerable replicate readies of lather, unknowable, mad, call.

Within passageways of cordwood, dateless egg timers of amaranth know your name.

Object #66037

Object #900938

Object #748603

Object #561737

Object #72658

Object #175466

Object #862009

Object #5469

Object #101682

East of Waipahu within cans of daisy, a match copy of fingers silently judges, but within playrooms of yorkstone, nameless unnumbered twin crones of kraft paper, antedeluvian, cyclopean, watching in silent mockery, beckon.

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Resident hypertext crank. Author of Big and Small Computing: Trajectories for the Future of Software. http://www.lord-enki.net

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